plant protection products polandAgrosimex is the leading distributor of plant protection products and fertilizers in Poland. The company is supplying products for farmers, fruitgrowers, gardeners all around the country.

Agrosimex is one of the biggest distributors of plant protection products and fertilizers in Poland. The offer of the company is very wide – it includes also public health products, tools and equipment for agriculture, seeds and services.

History of the company

Agrosimex was established in 1991 (shortly after free enterprise was introduced in Poland) by Wiesława and Leszek Barański, who are still owners and managers of the business. Since the beginning Agrosimex was delivering valuable solutions at competitive prices. That was possible thanks to cooperation with multiple suppliers.

Soon after the foundation, the owners started to develop a chain of retail shops for farmers (today more than 25 shops), as well as to grow the wholesale activity.

the distribution of agrochemicals in Poland - mapsToday the employment of the company exceeds 210 workers. The turnover in 2012 reached 530 million PLN (125 million EUR) and is still growing.


The headquarters of Agrosimex is located in the Grójec region known for its fruit production – the surface of orchards is the biggest in Europe. Thanks to that fact, the company has a very good understanding of fruit-growing business and is the main supplier of agrochemicals in this field.

Since 2001 Agrosimex owns a warehousing complex in Błonie – town located west from Warsaw, famous for its vegetable production. This was a milestone for the development of the company – it boosted the turnover and built the leading position in horticultural crops.Today it is an important logistics hub for all operations.

In 2012 Agrosimex opened its unit in Konin – located in western Poland. This expansion allowed the company to reach more customers and develop its offer (plant protection products and fertilizers) for field crops.

Two smaller departments in Warka and Skierniewice improve local logistics. Together Agrosimex has 5 wholesale deparments that allow the company to reach customers all around the country within short time.

map of poland agriculture

Business activities

Trading and distribution of agrochemicals is the key activity of Agrosimex, but not the only one. The company is present in almost all elements of the value chain.

activities in distribution business in Poland

Trials and registration of plant protection products

Agrosimex subsidiary company Fertico is conducting research and field trials of plant protection products and fertilizers. The company is certified and its reports can be used for registration purposes. You can find its full offer here.

Repacking of pesticides

Agrosimex is offering repacking services. The company is able to repack liquid and solid (powder, granules) types of product. Herbicides are repacked on a separate machine.

Marketing, Advisory & Services

Over the years Agrosimex developed a vast array of marketing tools to promote new products. Our marketing activities include: advisory to farmers, publications, advertising, meetings with professionals, incentive programmes.

Trading and distribution

Agrosimex is offering quality products for many markets: plant protection, fertlizers, tools and accessories, seeds, public health, home and garden, services. The estimated marketshare of Agrosimex in the market of plant protection products in Poland is around 19%.

markets of Agrosimex company - pesticides and fertilizers

International cooperation

Agrosimex is cooperating with many suppliers from all over the world. We constantly search for new products.

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